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TECfx offers several different custom design mediums or services to the customer such as web development, custom airbrushing, logos, decal designs and more. Any artwork you need done representing your company or yourself personally I can complete the task providing a quality image, great service and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Please call me anytime to discuss your next custom project.
I now offer websites that have a custom look. What this means is I design a unique look for your website and once you OK the artwork then its off to the content end of the project. I create the site using iWEBMANAGER from iNTRICATE NETWORKS a web based program. Once complete I will train you to be your own web master resulting in no added costs for updates however I'm always here to support you. Remember that its a web based program so no software is required from you, what a great idea! Websites start at $500.00 plus taxes. For more information you can contact me anytime.
Below are several samples of website templates I have designed for iNTRICATE NETWORKS in western Canada. All the templates were custom designed then were presented to the customer for approval before all the content was transferred over, keeping you in touch every step of the way.
Custom Logos
So you have created a new product and or started a new company and you need to represent yourself. The first thing you need is a logo. Logos can be an image or just type, uniquely simple or complicated. Together with your ideas and my tanlent we can present it to the world professionally.
What a great way to advertise getting the most information out to the customer targeting specific locations with eye catching graphics. Tell me where, when and how much and I'll put it all together for you.
Decal Designs
If you have a vehicle thats used for work then adding you company name to it is a must. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your name out there and your contact information. Big or small its all advertising.
Vehicle wraps
So you want to go to the extreme, then wraps are the way to go. They are the only way to stand out in traffic, event or parking lot. People love wraps and take the time to read them and remember them. Trucks, cars, vans, race cars, refrigerators, anything can be wrapped. Let me help you wrap yourself in success, call today!
Airbrush Art
This is a very technical and impressive way to express yourself. Mostly seen on custom vehicles at car shows but not limited to cars, trucks or motorbikes but also boats, seadoos, sleds and whatever you can lay paint on. This requires exteme talent and skills to produce a top quality design.
Tattoo Designs
I want you to have a unique tattoo. Why share the same tattoo for life that others have. Remember tattoos are for life so lets make them original. If you want a tattoo then talk to me, share your thoughts and I will design a custom tattoo for you. When its done the drawing is yours to take to your favorite tattoo artist. This is a permanent personal statement, lets make it a one of a kind.

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